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Reflective Practice

Reflection is a systematic reviewing process for all teachers which allows you to make links from one experience to the next, making sure your students make maximum progress.

Reflective Cycle

The process of reflection is a cycle which needs to be repeated. Teach > self-assess > new ways of teaching > try new ideas > repeat the process.

The Benefits

Reflective teaching has benefits for both teachers and students. Teachers can use reflective teaching methods to improve their teaching practices.

Saving Time

The RP app saves you time. It only takes 10 minutes to reflect with the RP app! British teachers have little time to reflect and improve upon on their practice.

Your last reflection

These activities are intrinsic to the work of a teacher. Yet, at the moment, they rarely happen - the problem is time, the reason is workload.

Time is of the essence

Unlike our counterparts in Japan, who spend 200 hours less in front of a class every year, teachers in the UK and abroad do not have enough of it.


Why RP app?


Helping teachers to evaluate their lessons with the view to improving student progress.


Designed to be easy to use and intuitive, no more lengthy reflection notes.


Teachers have a responsibility to professionally evaluative their practice.



Expert teachers regularly focus on evaluating the effects they have on students.


Over 50 recommended weekly tips to improve progress and attainment.


Over 65 recommended suggested goals and next steps to improve your reflection.


What they said

We are humbled by the positive response and testimonials we have received from both teachers and students alike.

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